Field Hockey / Girls Lacrosse Field House: $180,000

Ballard Field Hockey and Girls’ Lacrosse Booster Boards have embarked on an ambitious project to construct a bathroom/locker room facility near the field. The goal is to construct a 1,000 square foot facility between the field and the girls’ softball field that would include women's and men’s restrooms, as well as a changing area for athletes. The architectural drawing of the facility is on site at the field.

Why do we need this facility?

Everyone will agree that this addition is long overdue. Since April 2015, passionate families have pursued fundraising efforts to construct the bathroom/locker room facility. By Summer 2020, thanks in part to a pledge from Principal Jason Neuss and generous families participating in the “Mary Glenn Oliver Memorial Match,” the campaign could end and building begin with just $70,000 in pledges and gifts. Help us close the gap and make this happen now!


How much of the $180,000 do we need to raise?

While we have the approval of Ballard and the Jefferson County School District for the project, they are unable to offer any financial support. Our fundraising plan includes corporate partners and grant opportunities, identifying fundraisers and working with current players and alumni for financial support.


When will construction begin?

We cannot and will not begin construction until the fundraising is complete. Both the field hockey and lacrosse boards firmly believe that the girls who give 110% to these sports deserve facilities that match their effort on the field. Help us make this a reality. All donations are tax-deductible.






























Sponsor a Brick

Buy a personalized brick for $150 to help pave the walkway to the new facility. Profits will help support the bathroom/locker room addition. ​