Through the Years


  • The Ballard Field Hockey Booster Club was founded

  • The field was cleared and leveled, seeded with Bermuda grass for a new playing surface. The field was originally cleared by Mr. Chilton and is named Chilton Field in memory of his daughter, a field hockey player.

  • The sprinkler system was repaired and restored to working order.

  • A new storage shed was purchased and the old shed was turned into the first concession stand.

  • A fence was constructed to protect the new field and spectators began paying admission to the games.

  • A used “Reel Blade” lawn mower was purchased.

  • A total of $10,000 worth of improvements were made and each family contributed $250.

  • The Kammerer Middle School Field Hockey program began, enriching the level of players who would go on to Ballard.



  • Another $5,000 was spent to enlarge the field to regulation size and move the sprinkler system.

  • Practice and warm-up areas of Bermuda grass were added to the sides of the field.

  • Current families were asked to give an additional $150 and families new to the program were asked to give $350.

  • A coach’s viewing tower was built between the players’ benches.



  • Ballard hosting the first Freshman Stick Tournament at the end of the season, which has now become a tradition.

  • Electrical lines were added to the concession stand. A refrigerator and water faucet were installed.

  • A sign identifying the field was purchased with the Stick Chick logo and installed on top of the concession stand.

  • The main entrance to the field was landscaped.



  • Kammerer’s field hockey and soccer teams, Ballard’s lacrosse and field hockey teams came together for one fundraising effort to install a Bermuda grass field at Kammerer at a cost of $45,000.

  • The wooden bridge was built.



  • Kammerer’s field was constructed in the summer and the first game was played there in  the fall. 

  • Ballard purchased a new “Real Blade” lawn more, giving the old one to Kammerer and the luxury of having a back-up mower became a reality for both schools.

  • The first field hockey video was shown at the end-of-season banquet.



  • A new brick concession stand and second floor viewing area/press box was built and named The Hutt in memory of Danny Hutt, a dedicated field hockey parent who donated countless hours volunteering. 

  • New lights, a scoreboard, and sound system were installed.

  • The total cost of these major improvements was approximately $95,000.

  • This was the first year for the field hockey sponsored Ballard Bruin Bonanza fundraising auction.



  • The lettering identifying the field hockey field’s location and a wall dedicated to the year’s current seniors were added to The Hutt.

  • A spirit wear pack for the parents was offered for the first time.

  • The second floor of The Hutt was turned into a mini locker and storage room for the players’ gear. 

  • A menu board, a real Nacho Cheese maker, and shelves were added to the concession stand.

  • New team uniforms were purchased in the same style for all three teams.

  • The gravel area under the bleachers was enlarged and home bleachers were rebuilt.

  • The lawn mower was completely rebuilt.



  • The 2004 note for field lights, concession stand/press box, scoreboard, and sound system was paid in full.

  • A new concrete entrance to the field was installed, and all the gravel inside the fence was covered with concrete.

  • A freestanding flagpole for both American and Kentucky flags was added.

  • The field was completely reseeded after a spring frost killed the current Bermuda grass playing surface.

  • Charles Musson was honored for his leadership and service to the field hockey program at Ballard at the Alumni Game with the name of the “Charles Musson Field Hockey Complex.” With his involvement on the field committee from the time his oldest daughter, Ellie, joined the freshman team, he led a variety of initiatives that helped Ballard have one of the premier field hockey fields in the state. Musson also drew up the original articles of incorporation and bylaws for the inauguration of the Ballard Field Hockey Booster Club in 1999. He coached at the YMCA level to champion higher quality training in the off season for Ballard families. This led to him starting the Kammerer Middle School field hockey program as well. As his second daughter, Carrie, began playing for Ballard in 2001, he continued commitment to the program, serving as President for four years, initiating a plethora of additional upgrades to the facility, the program, and the opportunity for players to grow, improve, and succeed.

  • A preseason brochure with coach and player photos, names, numbers, schedules, and parent names was printed/distributed. 

  • Two portable tents were purchased for field hockey events.

  • The Ballard Bruin Bonanza event was turned over to another Ballard organization. All together, this event helped raise over $50,000 for Ballard Field Hockey.



  • A second set of bleachers was donated for our home side of the field, thanks to the Ballard Boys’ Baseball team.

  • New international field hockey goals were purchased. A second equipment shed was secured, to be used for the lacrosse goals, along with a new ice machine for the concession stand, also to be used by coaches/trainers for on-field injuries.



  • New field speakers and sound system were purchased for a total cost of $7,000.

  • A new refrigerator and hot dog grill machine were added for the concession stand.



  • Introduction of new head field hockey coach, Lindsey Trager.



  • State Tournament Final Four. Lost to Assumption, 0-3.



  • Ballard won Freshman Stick Tournament

  • State Tournament Final Four. Lost to Sacred Heart, 1-3.



  • Field hockey became a sanctioned sport in Kentucky.

  • A new sign was developed for The Hutt for Ballard Field Hockey and Girls Lacrosse.  The former sign just had Ballard Field Hockey on it.  Also, there were signs made to direct spectators to the “Home” side and “Visitors” side.

  • State Tournament Final Four. Lost to Assumption, 1-5.


  • State Tournament Quarterfinals. Lost to Manual, 1-3.



  • New Nike uniforms were purchased for all 3 teams.  In the past, usually just varsity and JV would receive new uniforms and the old ones would be passed down to the Freshman.

  • Plans were developed by alumni parents, Dick and Kristan White, to begin fundraising efforts for the construction of The Ballad Fieldhouse, a locker room for field hockey and girls’ lacrosse and restrooms for the players and fans.

  • Introduction of new head field hockey coach, Shelby Daeschner.

  • Varsity bonding trip to St. Louis for the Gateway Tournament September 2nd-4th.



  • Varsity and JV bonding trip to St. Louis for the Gateway Tournament September 1st-3rd.

  • Varsity and JV travelled to Cincinnati for games against Summit Academy September 16th.

  • Varsity and JV travelled to Cincinnati for games against Mount Notre Dame October 5th.

  • New scoreboard was purchased by Ballard Athletics and installed by Ballard Field Hockey, and a new speaker system was installed.

  • The Booster Club worked diligently to earn 501c3 status approved by the state for Ballard Field Hockey to move forward with the fundraising and the field house project.

  • Plans come to fruition for a Ballard Field Hockey website created by Beacon PR and found at

  • State Tournament Quarterfinals. Lost to Assumption, 0-1 OT.